Environmental Response

Exhibition: Performance Design – Environmental Response by Esben Skouboe Poulsen
April 19, 2010, 11:30
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In March the membrane prototype was displayed at the cultural hub: Nordkraft in Ålborg, DK

We recommend the curious visitor to visit the group folders on the right to see more detailed presentations.

Thanks to Nordkraft and the great team behind.

Photo: Morten Norman Lund


WELCOME! by isakworrefoged
November 24, 2009, 12:59
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‘Performance Design – Environmental Response’

Please look through the group folders to the left to see the extensive work done by the students.

The workshop explores responsive strategies and systems, which is in constant interaction with its physical environment.

Cross-disciplinary master students within the field of architecture and mediology are to investigate and create physical and digital kinetic models and systems enabling environmental adaptation with embedded censoring, translation of information and actuation.

The workshop is an intense series of lectures and tooling sessions, with successive experiments, leading to responsive models with growing complexity in terms of analytical performance and phenomenological expressions.

The aim is not only to investigate and create behavioural physical models, but equally to discuss and challenge our understanding of architectural changeability, dynamic behaviour, materiality and expression. How do we understand continuity and alterations in relation environment? How do we understand information and its transformation? Is architecture persistent or in persistent change?

Workshop outline:

Workshop location: The Utzon Center, from January 24th 2010 – January 30th 2010

Opening event of exhibition: ’Environmental Response’ within The Utzon Center January 30th 2010

Exhibition in Kunsthal Nord: February 1st 2010 – March 1st 2010

The workshop is organised by:

Esben Skouboe Poulsen
Researcher, Aalborg Universitet
MSc.Eng. Digital Design

e: espo@aod.aau.dk
m: 0045 40477374

Isak Worre Foged
Partner, AREA
MSc.Eng.Arch., M.Arch., Arkitekt MAA

e: isak@studio-area.net
m: 0045 20716192